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Commercial Roof Restoration

Everyday your commercial roof is exposed to all the elements that our harsh Australian climate can throw at it, no matter which state or territory you are in!

Commercial roof restoration repairs all common problems by the application of a membrane roof coating. Regardless of what type of roof you have, Heat Reflective Coatings provide a solar and waterproof finish that could reduce cooling costs by up to 40%* by reflecting radiant heat and being weather protective.

Over time, this causes cement tiles to oxidize and become porous and metal roofs can rust and sheeting can become loose.


Many companies are hesitant to replace their roof because of the time required and the cost involved, however, a roof replacement can actually save you time and money in the long run.

Sometimes a roof may be too damaged or old and deteriorated to restore and this can cause internal damage to your building.

Roof replacement with Colourbond Steel or Zincalume can not only reduce maintenance and deter thieves, but also lower cooling costs (when applied with Heat Reflective Coatings)

Commercial Roof Restoration and Replacement Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and throughout Queensland. Try Heat Reflective Coatings (Aust) for Heat Reflective Commercial Roof Restoration.  


Our Company is Committed to Cooling Buildings Without Ongoing Waste of Electricity; Preserving Our Precious Environment.


  Call us today on 1300 57 58 59 for reflective roof paint, commercial roofing restoration or Replacement Australia wide!


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