Safely Removing Asbestos Roofing


Asbesto RemovalAs an asbestos roof increases in age, so does the risk of deterioration and the release of asbestos particles into the surrounding environment.

Asbestos is an extremely hazardous material that poses health risks when the tiny particles become airborne and are inhaled.

We will work closely with you to determine the presence of asbestos roofing materials and develop a plan to safely remove the material from your premises.

In addition to being licensed for asbestos removal, we can also replace your roof with a safer more suitable material such as Colourbond Steel or Zincalume.


The removal of an asbestos material roof can be a costly affair, so what if there was a way to encapsulate the asbestos fibres to stop the harmful health risks that follow?

The incorrect removal of asbestos sheets can cause severe health problems and most people donít know that leaving asbestos on your roof to weather is equally as dangerous, as when it breaks down, it releases fibres into the atmosphere.

The traditional process for coating asbestos roofs was firstly to clean the surface with a high pressure water blaster to remove all lichen and loose asbestos fibres, but this was banned on health grounds, creating the need for a system which could be applied directly to the degraded asbestos without disturbing the surface.

In order to achieve this, a special primer has been formulated to saturate the asbestos roof sheets to bind the fibres together.
Once this has been completed, a top coat of Heat Reflective Paint is applied to ensure a smooth brand new look for your roof minus the harmful fibres of asbestos.


Asbestos DisposalAsbestos poses health risks during removal, transport and disposal. It is important, therefore, that the asbestos is handled appropriately during these operations.

Processing and handling asbestos in the workplace is covered by occupational health and safety.

We ensure that asbestos whether in the form of raw material or contained within products, is handled and disposed of without releasing asbestos particles into the air.

We follow strict guidelines to ensure that asbestos disposal including transport and packaging procedures are undertaken with the utmost care.

Please refer to our fact sheet for packaging and transport of asbestos.

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