Commercial Roof Restoration and Roof Painting Australia Wide

Unattended Commercial Roofs Subjected to the Australian Weather can cause Major Unexpected Cost to Business's and Landlords. 


We can Repair and Extend the Life of Your Roof with a Re-Roofing Alternative. 


Introducing a product that will do a multiple of jobs -


§          Waterproofs Your Roof and Building

§          Anti-Corrosive Rust Resistant Properties  

§          Highly Reflective Heat Insulating Coating

§          Aesthetically pleasing ‘New Roof’ look


A new lifetime lease for your tired old roof, and protection for your building, contents and habitants.

Below and Right: During Application of treatment of Heat Reflective Waterproof anti-corrosive Coating

In recent times of drought, you may be wondering why you would consider waterproofing your building
During a drought, the moisture that is present in all materials dries out, causing the material to shrink even just slightly resulting in cracks in the surface.
When it finally does rain, it usually pours and the water flows down into the cracks into your workshop, showroom, storage and any other areas.
While you can repair and seal the crack, the most economical solution would be to apply a roofing membrane.
A roof membrane will actually flex with the surface area it is applied to and act as a sealant over any cracks that may occur, therefore not only waterproofing, but acting as a preventative when applied to an undamaged surface.

Unfortunately natural disasters happen, and in recent times the severity of the weather has increased with freak thunder and hail storms, cyclones, floods and dust storms bringing with it high winds, causing windows to shatter, roofs to lift and wide spread damage to many structural buildings.
This can be costly and time consuming to any business it was to happen to.
We understand this and formulate a plan to work with you to have your business back up and running smoothly with as little interruption to your workplace as possible

If it’s out of sight and out of mind….. then you can soon become out of pocket!

 ~ We Recondition Commercial Roofs ~

  • Install Ampelite Reflective Roof Sky Lights
  • Replace Old Damaged Roof Sheets
  • Complete Roof Sheet Replacement
  • Apply Elastomeric Membranes
  • Asbestos Roof Encapsulation
  • Fully licenced Queensland Builders



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