Testimonials from our Customers

"Any doubts about its effiency were expelled the day it was painted.  I could hardly believe a coat of paint would have a dramatic effect on the temperature inside our building.  Our cooling is now more efficient"  

Bob Male - B & B Discount lighting

I have been involved in the painting trade since 1984, & in my 21 yrs I have used a number of roof & structural coatings. During that time I have not seen a product of this quality & effectiveness yet produced on the Australian market, until now.

JB Whipps - Jim Whipps Painting, Lismore NSW

"The outside temperature had got to 38 degrees plus, inside the office.  The office now has not been above 23 degrees.  The tenant has noticed a reduction in the running costs of the air conditioning system."

Lea Burrow - Manager, Garlick's Heating and Cooling 

"When it was being coated, the roof temperature was 62 degrees on the uncoated part, with a temperature of 29 degrees on the treated part"

Terry Andrews - Managing Director, Advantage Group - S.A

"Before the Heat Reflective Coatings treatment, on a 25 degree day the roof was too hot to reach up and touch even on the inside!  Now it is quite cool up there.  I regret $15,000 on air conditioning last summer, and hope never to have to turn them on again"

Bill Sipson - Depulu Wheels QLD.

"The result was immediate, and has resulted in a noticeable lowering of our companies power bill.  In the 12 years since the treatment was applied, the product has continued to perform well with no additional application".

Roger Harris - Managing Director , Alice Springs Commercial Broadcasters P/L. N.T

12°C decrease in temperature was achieved.

Australian Poultry -K. Patterson, Chief Engineer. Beresfield. N.S.W. Australia. 8th June 1993

During a 32°C day the surface temperature of the untreated area was 51°C whilst the treated area had a 33°C reading reduction = 18°C difference

Mobil Oil Refining Australia Pty Ltd - J Papageorgiou B.Eng.

The bees are kept cooler 15-20°C in summer

N.S.W. Dept of Agriculture. Dubbo. Australia

The application to the petrol tank wagons gave a considerable drop in the temperature of the petrol (average 10°C)

Wagons: Spoornet Braamfontein South Africa

The difference between unpainted and painted was 22°C. Absolutely incredible

Grovers Department Store, Blackall, Queensland

Still a 12°C after 12 months despite being dust contaminated.

Dampier Salt Mines: Perth WA

Stainless steel tank lids; the difference was temperatures were dramatically lowered 18°C on a 40°C day. Roof temperatures of untreated roof was 60°C, White colourbond roof 50°C Treated roof 40°C

Houghton Wines WA

A temperature traverse of the two roof spaces showed a difference of 10°C at head height above life of the asbestos tile roof. Anecdotal evidence however does indicate that the material is an effective insulation material as internal air conditioners are now run approximately half as much the level of the two ceiling walkway and 15°C on the foil backing under the roof insulation layer.

Comalco Research & Technology, Thomastown, Victoria. Noel L. Martyn, MIE Aust CPEng.

The cost of operating the air conditioning in room 20 for 34 days was $36.63 higher than room 19. A 77% increase in operating costs.

Department of Education & Training NSW

We painted our workshop and over 5 days recorded a drop in temperature of 9°

John Hutchinson B.A. Dip Ed. Broome Regional Tafe Centre, Broome, W.A.

...reduced the internal temperature of the seed bins to about 10°C less than the ambient temperature.

Narromine Transplants Ptv Ltd., Narromine. N.S.W. Australia, Cohn Reed. Director.

Our air conditioning unit does not go on till 2.30pm as before it was on at 10.30am.

L&J Robinson Alice Springs.

The internal temperatures of our building was 41°C after application and the out side shade temperature of 38°C the internal temperature of the building was only 31°C

Grant Electrical Industries Ply Ltd. Bayswater, Western Australia, J.A. Grant, Managing Director

The inside temperature has been reduced 10-15°C

Roy Schultz: House Owner. Como WA

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